Department of Computer Science & Engineering


R K College of Engineering has a highly-specialized Computer Science Department that exposes students to a broad range of subjects involving advanced software technology and its application in industry. The curriculum relies heavily on industry-academia interaction and responds to the current needs and trends in the global software industry. 

The unique strengths of the department are the dedicated faculty and lab facilities. The department consists of experienced faculty from academic and industry, who will be working hard to carve the future of the students. 

The department consists of splendid computer labs with the art system supporting computer graphics lab, operating systems lab - supporting windows, unix, linux, software labs supporting C, C++, Java, etc. and the development centre.The college providing with Internet Access available with dedicated Leased Line of 4 Mbps (1:1) 24 Hours. This facilitates the students and staff of our College to strengthen their technical knowledge through e-learning and update the same with a click of the mouse. Another salient feature is that all the departments in the college are now at a distance of a click of the mouse, i.e., a LAN connecting all the departments in the campus has been established with structured network.


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