Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


The department comprises of electronics circuits, digital logic circuits,microprocessor, power electronics, transducer technology, digital signal processing, micro computer architecture, communication, computerised process control, process control and instrumentation,control system,telematics antenna, microwave engineering, TV and Radar lab. All these labs are equipped with sophisticated instruments and trainer kits, most of which are custom-designed to facilitate better demonstration and easier understanding of the students. Apart from these, the department boasts of analog control system equipments, digital control system and PC based control system setups in the control system laboratory, which is further enriched by the presence of a PC interface robotic trainer.

Process control and instrumentation laboratory caters to the needs of students of other departments such as chemical engg. and mechanical engg. It is equipped with various measuring, recording process instruments such as thermocouples, radiation pyrometer,vapour pressure thermometer, bimetallic thermometers, pH meter, conductivity meter, pressure gauges etc. Again it contains process control setups such as flow process control system etc.

The addition of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system to the lab has turned the stars brighter,exposing the students to real life industrial application. Fiber optic trainer kits, in the telemetry lab details the students about the transmission, reception characteristic of fiber optic cable.

Nevertheless the DSP lab (digital signal processing) is lightened with DSP trainer kits using ICs of texas instruments (TI320c.50) for speech processing. Last but not the least, TDM, PAM, PCM trainer kits in the communication lab explains all about the propagation characteristics of digital electronic signal which are considered as most advanced equipments of the day.

The faculty members take care of maintenance of the departments and also the active participation of the students in laboratory activities helps in upgrading their knowledge about the use of the kits. The department ensures that the student, on being a professional, should stand out with the pride of handling the most advanced and sophisticated equipment smoothly.

The department encourages the students to devise electronic gadgets on their own through a HOBBY CLUB.Practical industrial equipments like flow process station, PLC and MODBUS TRAINER, PC interfaced ROBOTIC TRAINER are a few of the attractions of the department.Practical work condition with maximum expose to the latest trends by the experienced and dedicated faculties is the hallmark.